Jay Bhavani Vadapav

JAY BHAVANI has transformed itself into leading Foodservice retailer throughout Gujarat. Whether its Vadapav, Dabeli, Sandwiches, Pizza, Maskabun, Pakodi, Bhel, Fruit Juice, Milk Shakes, Chinese, South Indian, etc. Today Jaybhavani Vadapav has managed not just to live history, but create it.


This dish is said to be the burger of Mumbaikars, although it is originally a dish from Maharashtra it is quiet popular in places like Gujarat , Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The dish is a stuffed bun with a patty like fried potato which is mashed and dipped in batter and rolled on gran flour to give it the crisp texture . the bun used for the dish is called as “laddi pav” which is a common ingredient in many north Indian snacks


This dish can best be described as the sweet twin of the vadapav as their physical appearance and preparation is very similar except that a few ingredients vary to give it a sweet flavour. The stuffing is a sweet and spicy mix of mashed potato which is fried and stuffed in the bread which is then garnished with chopped onion , pomegranates , fresh garlic chutney and sev . It is also said to be a very popular street side snack in the suburbs of Gujarat.


Maskaban is basically a special kind of bread spread with butter which is also known as maska. The people at jaybhavani like to call it their piece of toast. This is best when had for breakfast with a hot cup of masala tea.


Nothing beats an oven fresh delicacy on a nice and cool climate. The people at Jaybhavani have just the thing if you are that kind of a person. The puffs they make is a must try . it is stuffed with potatoes , peas , beans and carrot which is stir fried with rich Indian spices like turmeric and chilli. The dough is then stuffed and sent to the oven to be baked to a golden perfection which is sure to grab your eyes attention and your stomachs appetite as well.


This dish is sure to send your taste buds on a journey. This dish as mouth watering as it may seem is very easy to make and is a very quick hunger buster. It is made of north Indian wafers (paapad), puffed rice, sev, coriander and a variety of chutneys which is a feast to the tongue.

French fries

You may have tried fries at several joints but the people at Jaybhavani serve it with an Indian twist and a tangy flavour which makes it an idle appetizer.

Chinese cuisine

The folks at jaybhavani have outdone themselves by not just excelling in north and south Indian dishes but they also have a huge variety of Chinese dishes to choose from. Be it vegetable munchurian or schezwan noodles they have it all .

Cheese rolls

This is another famous dish from the appetizer menu which is a quick snack for those on the run.


Here’s more for you from the ovens of Jaybhavani where they have all types of pizzas you could ever think of. From thin crust to soft base and from regular to large they have it all. Their hand tossed and deep dished pizzas are a must try.


They have a wide menu of sandwiches like grilled sandwiches, club sandwiches, toasted sandwiches and many more which would go well over a nice chat with your friends.

Hot dogs

Although this dish is an origin of the western world the people at Jaybhavani serve it with an Indian twist. The hot dog patties here are made of carrots, onions, garlic and gram dhal mashed together to make the perfect Indian hot dog which is sure to steal your heart away.


No meal is ever finished without the proper drink to compliment it. Like the many ways in which the Jaybahavani chain have impressed us, they have a delicious and refreshing range of beverages such as milkshakes, fresh juices and Indian specials like lassi and badam kheer.